A Story of Two Climates – Watts up with that?

Book Review by Kip Hansen – March 21, 2023

Bill Pekny has written a great book on the sensitive issue of Earth’s climate.

But who has heard of Bill Pekny? Almost nobody. Why? He’s a humble man who just does a good job (and works) and doesn’t put himself in the spotlight. But he should, because his book is spot on Many of the readers here have searched.

A story of two climate zones: one real, one imaginary” was released in 2020, is still up to date, has no outdated charts or graphics – everything was done very professionally and just beautiful.

Pekny has been very careful with this book. The typography itself is very clear, with line spacing to facilitate readability. At the beginning of each chapter is a table listing all acronyms and abbreviations for units of measure used in that chapter. Definitions are presented separately in the text to help readers understand unfamiliar topics. Each chapter ends with chapter takeaways. All great features, especially for the non-scientists among us.

The author carefully guides his readers through all the major topics that add up to climate and climate change, one at a time in a sensible order, with each chapter building on the previous one, with informative and readable prose that makes each topic transparent and clear about this The 250-page book is a valuable resource for those who have wanted a book to give to a colleague or relative who needs a better understanding of climate change.

The hardcover book is suitable as a “coffee table book”. Leave it to the visitors to pick up and flip through… almost every page has some kind of graphic to grab their attention and some text to inform them. Also available as a Kindle version.

Pick up a few copies of this book to give to your closest colleagues, friends, and family for Earth Day 2023 (April 22).

Get one for yourself too.

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