“A Cleverly Staged Hoax.” …Former German TV Meteorologist Slams “Local weather Hysteria” • Watts Up With That?

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By P Gosselin on 23. September 2023

German meteorologist Thomas Globig. Screenshot AUF1

While the system media conjure up the allegedly impending climate catastrophe from morning to night, Austrian alternative media AUF1 reveals the system behind the propaganda.

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Five top-class studio guests discuss the question: “Deindustrialization, car bans, CO2 dictatorship: Where is the climate hysteria leading?”

In the process, they reveal what is really behind the climate hysteria: a cleverly staged hoax, behind which lie tangible political and economic interests of the globalists.

Thomas Globig was a meteorologist at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) for 20 years. During the premiere broadcast of the new show “Lagebesprechung AUF1,” the meteorologist expressed his critical views on climate hysteria for the first time on television. In the round, Globig explains how weather is misused it for scaremongering.

“In 1911, there were temperatures of 38 degrees and more in Germany. Nobody called for a heat lockdown then. The high temperatures have always been there,” Globig says.

Today, satellites measure ground temperatures from space. “Of course, the ground temperature is much higher when the sun is beating down on it. Weather stations, on the other hand, are mounted two meters above the ground. As a result, significant deviations are possible.”

CO2 is part of the earth and nature

Historian Dr. Holger Thuß is president of the “European Institute for Climate & Energy” (EIKE), which fundamentally questions the thesis of man-made climate change. He is convinced that nature alone is responsible for global climate change. “CO2 is nothing harmful, but belongs to the earth and to our solar system. When politicians fight against CO2, they are actually fighting against nature.”

“Orchestrated scare tactic”

Economist Dr. Eike Hamer von Valtier is a board member at the Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen (Medium Size Companies Institute, Lower Saxony) and editor of “Wirtschaft aktuell” (Business Today), the renowned information letter on the background of politics and economics.

He sees the climate hysteria as an orchestrated scare tactic, behind which lie tangible power interests of global networks: “As always, it’s about power and money.” The CO2 trick is ultimately intended to create planned economic structures like those in the Soviet Union, which are intended to guarantee the globalist circles total control and thus the retention of power.

AUF1 journalist Kornelia Kirchweger, former press officer at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, tells how state officials there are “brought into line.” A longtime observer of international climate change propaganda, she says politicians today  only live in a bubble: “They don’t care about the people.”


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