23/25 prime greenhouse gasoline emitters are in Pink China – are you accomplished with that?

Guest “Let Them Fix It” by David Middleton

The list of the dirtiest cities in the world poses the problem: Why don’t politicians call out to China?
By David Holt

Think About It: A new list of global cities emissions reveals that the top 25 are responsible for 52% of the planet’s urban greenhouse gas emissions. 23 of them are in China.

New York City is the first American city to appear at number 26. Of the top 75, only four other American cities are listed – San Diego, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles – all ranked 41 or higher. In other words, the US – including each of our major cities – outperforms the world when it comes to emissions.

All of this data raises a question from our elected leaders who say we need to do more for our environment …


We are already a world leader in environmental regulations and controls, and have cut our emissions year on year by far more than any other country for more than 20 years. According to Bloomberg Philanthropies, by 2025 we will be more than two-thirds of the way to achieving our target emissions reduction of 28% from 2005 levels under the Paris Agreement. Part of that is thanks to the good work we have done in our cities to reduce emissions.

Compare that to the facts about China, which was recently lauded by many in the “We need to do more” crowd for promising to stop increasing emissions before 2030. As we cut our emissions, China’s pollution will drop by an estimated 14 by then. its increased% -25%. In addition, China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceeded those of the entire developed world in 2019.

Say that again: more than the entire developed world.

These are facts beyond dispute even by the toughest anti-business zealots posing as environmentalists.


Real clear energy

“Dirtiest Cities” is not the right phrase as the “new balance” refers to urban greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions rather than actual pollutants; but the author raises a very good question …

All of this data raises a question from our elected leaders who say we need to do more for our environment …

Why are our politicians (especially the communist democrats) harassing us for pollution? Especially the pollutant-free CO2? Whether you view greenhouse gas emissions as a problem or not, the United States has done more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than any other nation.

UPDATE: Last year, the US led the CO2 reductions for the 10th time in this century


The Statistical Review of World Energy 2020, recently published by BP, shows that in 2019, for the tenth time in this century, the United States led all nations in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2). According to BP, U.S. CO2 emissions fell 152 million tons in 2019, three percent below 2018 levels.

This continues a trend that has been observed more and more frequently since the turn of the millennium. In fact, BP data shows the US has reduced carbon emissions a world leading 755 million tons since 2000, outdo the next four leading nations combined.

Experts agree that the main reason is that the US has achieved these reductions in the past decade and that the fuel shift to clean burning natural gas from lower emission fuels in the power sector is the main reason. For example, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently stated:

“The United States saw the largest decrease in energy-related CO2 emissions on a country basis in 2019 – a decrease of 140 Mt or 2.9% to 4.8 Gt. US emissions are now nearly 1 Gt from their 2000 peak, the largest absolute decrease in any country over that period. The decrease in total U.S. emissions in 2019 was underpinned by a 15% reduction in coal consumption. Coal-fired power plants faced even more intense competition from natural gas production, with benchmark gas prices averaging 45% lower than 2018 levels. Gas thus increased its share in electricity generation to a record high of 37%. “

Data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that from 2005 to 2018, a rapid switch to natural gas in the power sector reduced US CO2 emissions by 57 percent more than emissions reductions from renewable energies, as shown in the Energy In Depth chart below shows.


Illinois Petroleum Resources Board

But we’re supposed to starve to death carefree while freezing in the dark because the wind doesn’t always blow at the right speed and the sun doesn’t always shine so that Red China can do what they want?

This from the “new balance sheet” (Wei, Wu & Chen, 2021) …

If there is a problem with greenhouse gas emissions, it is in Red China.


Wei T, Wu J, and Chen S (2021) Track progress and goals in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 167 cities around the world. Front. Obtain. Cities 3: 696381. doi: 10.3389 / frsc.2021.696381

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