10 groundbreaking Valencian startups to observe in 2023

València’s tech ecosystem is growing and maturing at a rapid pace. Founders, investors and business leaders in the city all agree that this region of Spain will establish itself as a tech hub to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Names like Flywire, Fever and Jeff are well known, but there are plenty more Valencian startups and scale-ups making waves both nationally and internationally. Ahead of The Next Web’s first conference in Valencia on March 30th and 31st, we zoom in on 10 remarkable local startups selected by TNW and its main strategic conference partners: Lanzadera, Marina de Empresas and Startup València.

Let’s dive in.

Zelero’s Hyperloop

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Zeleros Hyperloop is one of the world’s leading Hyperloop developers. Since its founding in 2016 by Juan Vicen Balaguer (CMO), David Pistoni (CEO) and Daniel Orient (CTO), Zeleros has been working on the ultra-fast train that will transport people and cargo at high speeds through vacuum tubes on maglev trains of up to 1000 km /H.

The founders of Zeleros Hyperloop. From left to right: Daniel Orient (CTO), David Pistoni (CEO) and Juan Vicen Balaguer (CMO). Photo credit: Zelero’s Hyperloop.

With €15 million raised so far and over 50 core employees, they are using the time until trains start (not before 2030) to work on advanced battery technology and test automated tracks in local ports.

Zeleros Hyperloop will speak at TNW València, while Juan Vicen Balaguer is one of the event’s advisors.

By whom

The 2015 by Dr. Ángel Alberich-Bayarri – another conference speaker – and Prof. Luis Marti-Bonmati, the medtech company Quibim has grown to over 70 employees in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​New York and Cambridge, UK.

Quibim Startup Founder Quibim’s founder Dr. Angel Alberich Bayarri. Photo credit: Quibim

The company’s AI-powered radiology diagnostic platform is used by hospitals and medical researchers to detect pathologies using imaging biomarkers, with algorithms developed for more than 20 diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s. Quibim raised an €8 million seed round in 2020.

Sesame HR

Founded in 2015 by Albert Soriano, Sesame HR has taken off with its human resource management platform that automates time-consuming processes like payroll and onboarding. The team now counts 200 employees, over 6,000 customers and 150,000 users in over 30 countries in Europe and Latin America. Sesame raised 10 million euros and opened offices in Madrid and Barcelona in 2022; It recently opened a store in Mexico City as well.

Sesame HR Sesame HR founder Albert Soriano. Credit: Sesame HR


Internxt – one of the 60+ exhibiting startups at TNW València – has been a player in the internet privacy space since 2020, competing against the international corporate giants with a range of encrypted cloud services including Internxt Drive storage, Internxt Photos and Internxt Send.

Internxt team The Internxt Team. Photo credit: Internxt

It’s not just about “military-grade encryption” for individuals and businesses, but also about reducing energy consumption by storing data closer to the end user. Founder and CEO Fran Villalba Segarra’s start-up employs 20 people and has raised €4 million at a €40 million valuation.

voice mode

Voicemod’s AI-powered speech enhancement software generates real-time “speech avatars” for video gamers and virtual content creators. Founded in 2014 by brothers Jaime, Fernando and Juan Bosch, Voicemod has grown to over 150 employees and recently announced that they have 3.3 million monthly active users. The company acquired Catalan AI music technology company Voctro Labs in December.

Voicemod startup founder The founders of Voicemod. Left to right: Fernando, Jaime and Juan Bosch. Photo credit: Voicemod

In terms of funding, Voicemod raised €7.1 million in Series A in 2020 and announced another $14.5 million raise this month.

climate trading

ClimateTrade’s blockchain-based B2B climate platform helps companies offset their carbon footprint by buying carbon offsets from climate projects via a virtual marketplace. Founded in 2017, the company also offers an API that companies can use to offer their customers carbon-neutral products and services. ClimateTrade opened a US headquarters in Miami in mid-2022.

climate trading The ClimateTrade team; In the middle, CEO and co-founder Fran Benedito. Photo credit: ClimateTrade

The startup closed a €7 million pre-Series A round in 2021 and has announced plans to raise an additional €13 million in a US-focused round for international expansion.

sales shift

SaaS Scaleup Sales Layer closed a whopping €24 million Series B round in June 2022 for the further expansion of its cloud-based product information management tool in Europe and the USA. Its software automates complex B2B processes and connects companies’ products to sales platforms throughout the supply chain.

Founded by Alvaro Verdoy and Iban Borras in In 2013, the startup was recognized for the second time in a row at the G2 2023 Best Software Awards.

Startup Founder of Sales Layer The founding duo of Sale Layer. Left to right: Alvaro Verdoy and Iban Borra’s Credit: Sales Shift

Rosita longevity

Rosita Longevity, the team behind the largest longevity school in Europe, is another to keep an eye on. The startup uses biomarkers to track physical condition and create customized activity plans for live classes with personal health trainers via an app. Rosita users were shown to reduce their risk of falls (a key metric used to measure frailty) from 36% to 6% after three months.

Rosita longevity The founders of Rosita Longevity. From left to right: Juan Cartagena (CEO), Clara Fernandez (CCO) and David Gil (CTO). Photo credit: Rosita Solitude

Co-founders Juan Cartagena, Clara Fernandez and David Gil raised a €2.4 million seed round for launch in the lucrative US market this year.


Headquartered in Castellón de la Plana, NARIA was founded in 2019 by CEO Kilian Zaragozá and COO Josevi Villarroig. The blockchain platform connects grocery stores like hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to places like food banks to ensure excess groceries go to those in need. NARIA app users can also make grocery donations, which will be sent to digital wallets of people who need help shopping for groceries at supermarkets.

Naria The founders of NARIA, Josevi Villarroig (COO) and Kilian Zaragozá (CEO). Photo credit: NARIA

The startup has received €726,000 in investments so far and is currently raising another €400,000 in private equity.


A travel tech contender to keep an eye on. With the Valencia Passporter app you can plan, book and organize itineraries to over 75 worldwide destinations and record trips to share with others via a virtual passport.

passportman Credit: Passporter

The startup was founded in 2016 by Diego Rodríguez and Andrea Cayon, both co-CEOs, and has reportedly raised around €900,000 so far.

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