Toronto Professional Outcomes 2023 – Iain Valliere grabs one other lead

It was another rousing show in Ontario.

As the bodybuilding world continues to head towards the 2023 Olympia in Orlando, Fla. this November, it had to stop at the Toronto Pro 2023 first. The competition, held on June 4, 2023 in Toronto, Canada, was one of the more important steps towards this year’s Olympic qualification and it did not disappoint.

Ten divisions competed at the Toronto Pro 2023, with the respective winners securing their roster spots at the 2023 Olympia. Due to changes to the qualification system by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), any competitor who is not a previous Olympic champion or did not finish in the top five of the previous edition must win an sanctioned 2023 competition, such as the Toronto Pro, to qualify.

For the athletes who were successful in Toronto, that’s no longer a point of contention.

Toronto Pro Results 2023

Here are the winners and final results of each participating division at the Toronto Pro 2023, including Canadian-born Iain Valliere’s main win in the men’s Open class. According to Valliere’s page on NPC News Online, it is the athlete’s second career win on home soil after winning the Vancouver Pro 2022. Valliere will now compete at the 2023 Olympia to improve on his 11th place finish from 2022.

Men Open

  1. Iain Valliere
  2. Hassan Mostafa
  3. Ross Flanigan
  4. Robin Beach
  5. Joe Seaman
  6. Jason Lowe
  7. Yangmin Lee
  8. Slavoj Bednar
  9. Mike Hulusi
  10. Eiren Gauley


  1. Piotr Borecki
  2. Sung Yeop Jang
  3. Chris Buhr
  4. Hwang Shin
  5. Ming Chun Hon
  6. Jordan Wise

Classic physique

  1. Samuel Paquin
  2. Carl Gauthier
  3. Gregory Dawson
  4. Edgard John Augustine
  5. Maurice Burgess
  6. Tyler Okowinsky
  7. Ali Emre
  8. Majtaba Zabihi
  9. Josue Isai Cortes Vargas
  10. Dimitri Williams

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male physics

  1. Mehdi Kabbadj
  2. Rodrigue Chesnier
  3. Bhuvan Chauhan
  4. Julian Colley
  5. Gary Cooper
  6. Mario Stewart
  7. Daniel Rabiela
  8. Jarrett Jenkins
  9. Austin Belanger
  10. Francisco Alberto de la Cruz

men’s wheelchair

  1. Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri
  2. Tim Caldwell
  3. Jason Metcalf
  4. Bryan Williams
  5. Jack McCann

Body building for women

  1. Julia Whitesel
  2. Teresa Ivancik
  3. Tananarive Huie
  4. Melina Perron


  1. Lola Montez
  2. Manon Dutilly
  3. Jodi Boom
  4. Lauren Martin-Stow
  5. Delilah Joy
  6. Carmen Penalver
  7. Giselie Heathcote
  8. Desiree Alferes
  9. Nora Wiese
  10. Taylor Mauro

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  1. Eli Fernández
  2. Adair Libbrecht
  3. Maxine Somov
  4. Brittany Gillespie
  5. Katerina Kauffman
  6. Racquel Hutchinson
  7. Marylou Charette
  8. Ayleen Santander
  9. Nikki Kiani
  10. Courtney Ustrzycki

physique of women

  1. Emilija Martic
  2. Romana in Scotland
  3. Amandine Colly
  4. Alyssa Coppolino
  5. Nathalie Thompson
  6. Diana Cuts
  7. Kyna Squarey
  8. Why Chun Virginia Kwok
  9. Kerluck’s way
  10. Josefa Paloma Barba Birch


  1. Sandra Colorado Acal
  2. Kristen Broadwell
  3. Emily Azzarello
  4. Anne Marie Gobeil
  5. Lauren Barton
  6. Winglam Lee

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The 2023 Olympia is only about five months away, meaning the official IFBB competition calendar remains hot and ready. This summer alone, bodybuilders without Olympic berths have an opportunity to secure their roster spots at competitions like the Texas Pro 2023, Chicago Pro 2023 and Tampa Pro 2023.

The race never seems to end in a chase to the top of Olympia Mountain.

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