The Younger Activists Who Fill Youngsters’s Heads With Lies • Watts Up With That?


By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul Kolk

I’m not quite sure why this is on BBC Verify!

As global leaders gather at the COP28 summit in Dubai, environmental activists around the world are still challenging climate sceptics. Young people from five countries told BBC News how they are trying to change the minds of those who wrongly claim climate change is not real.

Growing up in Egypt, artist Hossna Hanafy didn’t think climate change was a real issue. “I never thought it was a global thing, or that it might be related to human behaviour,” she says.

As the planet gets warmer and the polar ice caps melt, scientists say that Ms Hanafy’s home city of Alexandria, located on the Mediterranean coast, is at risk from rising sea levels.

Yet at school, she says her teachers mocked suggestions this might be the case, wrongly claiming this would “never happen”.

Today, she runs workshops where children and teenagers can learn about climate change and other environmental issues through crafts or games.

Meanwhile back in the real world, sea levels in Alexandria have risen by about an inch during young Hossna’s life.

Maybe she should pay more attention to her teachers in future, who clearly know what they are talking about.

And why is she misleading by telling them that “solar energy is free”?

A job for BBC Verify, I think!

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