“Scientist Rise up” Protestors Trigger Visitors Chaos in Melbourne Australia – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Climate protestors once again taking advantage of Melbourne’s soft anti roadblock laws, to mess up everyone elses day – just a week after the last major protest.

Climate protestors stop peak hour traffic in Melbourne’s CBD 

By Allanah Sciberras 11:29am Mar 12, 2024

Dozens of climate activists sparked traffic chaos when they blocked one of Melbourne’s busiest roads during this morning’s peak hour commute.

Extinction Rebellion protestors marched along Collins Street from 7am, disrupting tram and bus services.

The demonstration marks the first day of action for the group, who intend on “slowly marching” during every morning peak hour this week.

Motorists were furious over the disruption, with one driver telling 9News, it was “ridiculous”.

Read more: https://www.9news.com.au/national/extinction-rebellion-climate-protestors-block-peak-hour-traffic-in-melbournes-cbd/158d3121-2ae0-4a06-b681-a81d825bfc27

Melbourne is Australia’s traditional home of far left wackadoodles, and is generally pretty tolerant of their street theatre and other antics. But this latest outrage is trying the patience of Melbourne, following on as it does from a massive traffic jam just a week ago caused by protestors who blockaded West Gate Bridge.

The climate protestors didn’t have to create traffic chaos, this was a selfish decision on their part to disrupt and cause maximum inconvenience to others. A hundred yards from Collins street is the Bourke Street Mall. Lots of protestors use the mall as a place to make public statements to the thousands of shoppers who frequent the shops and cafes. Everyone accepts demonstrations in the mall as free speech. Mall demonstrators are usually considerate of the rights of others, and do not prevent shoppers and city workers from going about their daily business, or disrupt traffic.

It remains to be see whether this latest climate protest assault on commuters is enough to prod Victoria’s far left state government into following New South Wales’ lead, and taking firm action to crack down on illegal protest roadblocks.


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