On the Means Ahead – A New WUWT Reference / Useful resource Web page – Are you betting on it?

A few weeks ago I stated that because of the election of Biden and the inevitable headless rush into the madness of the “climate crisis” that seems to be gripping elected officials, media and teachers, the WUWT would be moving on a “war basis”.

They really seem to believe that the world is on its way to hell in a climate hand basket – of course we know better. We know a lot of this is just rhetoric and not supported by actual observation.

To this end, such disinformation can only be combated with factual information. Therefore, after months of development by Charles and myself, I am proud to announce the Companion website at WUWT: Everythingclimate.org, “EC” for short.

The idea behind EC is to cover certain climate issues pro and con so that people can examine and compare and hopefully make their own decisions. We currently have four categories and a few dozen subtitles that cover specific claims / arguments that frequently appear on the news and are controversial.

You may have noticed in the past few days that the word “EverythingClimate” appeared in the top WUWT menu bar. This is because we have integrated WUWT at menu level for topics in EC.

You might ask, why did we create a second website this way?

It’s simple: I wanted a website that was purely a factual website, with no discussion to refer to. I also wanted a website that had the word “climate” on it, as opposed to WUWT, which had no such word. This can be helpful in search engines. It is certainly helpful in discussions as climate alarmists blind people, shut their minds, open their mouths, and shout “climate deniers” every time WUWT is mentioned. EC does not have the luggage. When we talk about search engines, EC will have SEO separate from WUWT.

We won’t change the air-conditioned brain dead, but we will be able to reach thoughtful people.

I welcome pro / con topic ideas for EC.

There is more to come. Thanks for your support.

– Anthony

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