Local weather within the crimson • Are you glad with that?


dr John Robson comments on key points from the Climate Discussion Nexus’ latest weekly “Wednesday Wakeup” newsletter (https://climatediscussionnexus.com/ne…), which comes from news outlets now marking weather maps for the exact same temperatures in a frightening dark red as they used to was shown in cool, comforting green, from how we know what temperature the oceans used to be, to the fading sun in California, where lower climate change subsidies have been blamed for spring allergies as the Third Trade War dragged on, as well as reducing pollution , which contributed to global warming, and in the Netherlands This is further proof that climate action cannot work. Drought-stricken California is being hit by a lack of drought, which the models also failed to predict. The Canadian government is haphazardly quintupling the societal cost of CO2, just as its policies are proving expensive and weak, the mystery of declining cloud cover, the IPCC inventing both hurricane growth and culprits, and a CO2Science.org Study of trees in urban areas showing that they like warmth and mitigate warming.

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