Local weather Disaster! Hottest Xmas Since 2016! • Watts Up With That?


By Paul Homewood

The Met Office was desperate to declare the warmest Xmas on record – sadly all they could claim was the warmest since 2016!

For most, of course, such things are just a bit of fun. But for the Met Office, it is a chance to push their global warming propaganda.

Never mind the fact the 25th December has no more significance than any other day in the month.

And, as usual, they try to find significance in one day at Exeter being warmer than some other place in years past.

If you want to present an objective analysis, you must use data from the same location or other source. Otherwise you are simply comparing apples and oranges.

The obvious database is the CET, and this gives the lie to claims that our climate is somehow changing rapidly, at least in December.

The chart below only runs to 2020 and shows the highest December temperature recorded each year since 1900. There is little sign of temperatures shooting up, other than the outlier in 2015. What is more noticeable is that exceptionally cold Decembers used to be more common – in 1933, for instance, daytime temperatures never got above 6.4C:


The highest temperature this month is 13.4C, which is unexceptional by any standard. The last two Decembers were 14.1C and 13.5C.

The mild weather this Xmas is just that – WEATHER. And it is just the same weather we get at times during most years in December, typically a southwesterly airflow.

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