Labor to dam new North Sea oil and gasoline wells – do you agree?

Not many people know that

By Paul Homewood

h/t Robin Guenier

You’ve gone completely insane!

From the Guardian:

Labor has confirmed that it will block all new domestic oil and gas developments if it takes power, proposing instead to invest heavily in renewable energy sources such as wind power and also in nuclear power.

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said details would be forthcoming.

“What we’re going to do in the coming weeks is set out how we’re going to invest in the green jobs of the future, cut costs and create a more sustainable energy supply,” he said on Sky’s Sunday show Sophy Ridge.

“We’ll be laying out that in a significant mission in the coming weeks and then we’ll announce more details.

A party source said: “We are opposed to the granting of new licenses for oil and gas in the North Sea.” They will do nothing to cut the bills, the Tories have admitted; They undermine our energy security and would push through our climate goals by horse and carriage.

It’s a mystery how the development of oil and gas from the North Sea is “undermining our energy security”.

[UPDATE from Willis Eschenbach]

In Britain, the Labor Party has declared that it will block any further use of oil and gas from the North Sea. So let’s run through the numbers and see what difference that makes to temperature.

Labor would reportedly block new oil and gas projects in the North Sea

Proven oil and gas reserves in the UK North Sea are approximately 15 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

Typical CO2 emissions per 42 gallon barrel of oil is about 425 kg.

That is about 6.4 billion tons of CO2.

Over 8 billion barrels of oil and gas reserves within 30 miles of North Sea facilities

Including immediate sequestration, approximately 17.4 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions are required to increase atmospheric concentration by 1 ppmv.

So if all proven oil and gas reserves in the North Sea are burned, CO2 emissions in the atmosphere will increase by about 0.4 ppmv.

The current atmospheric CO2 level is around 420 ppmv.

The IPCC estimates that there will be about 3°C ​​of warming for every doubling of CO2 emissions. So warming would occur with a 0.4 ppmv increase in CO2

log2( 420.4 / 420 ) times 3°C

which is …

… wait for it …


Four. thousandth. From. One. puny. Degree.

Pushing up UK gas prices, leading to a possible but by no means certain 0.004°C slowdown? …


For comparison, as you gain altitude, the air is cooler. How much? About 1°C per 100 meters of vertical movement.

So if you climb 100 meters, it’s about 1°C cooler than where you started.

This means that stopping North Sea oil may (or may not) cool the planet by the same amount as you would cool yourself if you got off the ground and onto a chair.

Stupid, it’s on fire…


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