COPs and Robbers – Comply with the Cash • Watts Up With That?

This week on “Climate Change Roundtable,” our trio of host Anthony Watts and panelists Linnea Lueken and H. Sterling Burnett turn their attention to the COP28 Climate Conference set to commence in Dubai on November 30th.

To shed further insight into the conference is Craig Rucker from CFACT, who is set to attend COP28. Rucker will share his expectations of the conference, highlight the special interests at play, and predict how the event will unfold. In Episode #86, “COPs and Robbers,” we’ll take a critical look at these international gatherings, examining who benefits from them and exploring the broader implications for global climate policy. And unless you’re a politically connected global elite, don’t expect to benefit.

Additionally, we’ll touch on the latest and craziest climate news of the week.

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