British Wannabe Ecoterrorist Jailed for 13 Years – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

“… exchanged messages with others who shared his hatred of government in groups called Earth Militia, Total Earth Liberation and Neo Luddite Action. …”

Jacob Graham: Left-wing anarchist jailed for 13 years over terror offences after declaring he wanted to kill at least 50 people

The security services uncovered Jacob Graham’s activity as part of an investigation into the purchase of chemicals online, it can be disclosed.

By Duncan Gardham, security journalist 
Tuesday 19 March 2024 09:17, UK

A left-wing anarchist has been jailed for 13 years for preparing acts of terrorism by compiling and sharing a bomb-making manual, after declaring he wanted to kill at least 50 people.

Jacob Graham, 20, from Norris Green, Liverpool, dedicated his manual, called the “Freedom Encyclopaedia”, to “misfits, social nobodies, anarchists, [and] terrorists past and future, who want to fight for freedom against the government”.

The judge said the college student was a “dangerous young man”, adding that Graham described himself “as the first UK home-grown terrorist”.

The security services uncovered Graham’s activity as part of an investigation into the purchase of chemicals online, it can be disclosed.

When they raided the home he shared with his mother and sister, they discovered he had filmed bomb-making experiments in his back garden and buried supplies in a secret woodland hide in Formby, Merseyside.

On a wall in his bedroom, Graham had printed out a picture of a car bomb exploding with the words: “Make politicians afraid to start their cars again.”

The court heard Graham came to idolise an American terrorist called Theodore Kaczynski – known as the Unabomber – after watching a Netflix series called Manhunt, and pledged to “finish what he started”.

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If Jacob was just a fantasist, he is paying a heavy price for his sick fantasy.

On one hand it doesn’t sound like Jacob actually killed anyone. But the evidence of Jacob mixing with green extremists online, drawing up kill lists, stockpiling dangerous chemicals and urging others to commit terrorist acts couldn’t be ignored.

In 2017 Manchester was the victim of a horrific mass casualty terror attack, the Manchester Arena Bombing, so Manchester police don’t have much patience with locals boasting about all the people they plan to kill.

Manchester prides themselves on their climate education programme for children. I don’t know whether any of this contributed to Jacob’s extremism, but given plentiful evidence that children are growing increasingly anxious about climate change, and the disturbing evidence revealed by this case, that young eco-extremists are freely discussing ecoterrorism online and encouraging each other to commit atrocities, perhaps education authorities should stop pouring fuel on the fire and scale back their climate messaging for kids.

Update (EW): Greater Manchester Police statement available here.

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