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By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness

The BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, announced the creation of a new “disinformation unit” in its newsroom to combat alleged conspiracy theories and fake news.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is funded by a statutory fee for those who watch live television under threat of fines or jail time, announced that its news division will include a new division called “BBC Verify”. to refute misinformation.

BBC News CEO Deborah Turness explained that BBC Verify will consist of around 60 journalists “forming a highly specialized organization with a range of forensic investigative skills and open-source information” and will be used for fact-checking. Video verification, fighting disinformation and “most importantly – explaining complex stories in search of truth.”

Marianna Spring, the BBC’s disinformation correspondent, explained that “untruths can do really serious damage to society”. Spring, who will host BBC Marianna in Conspiracyland podcast, claimed she has set up some “undercover accounts” on social media to track “internet polarization” about what users are advised to do.

According to the millennial journalist, she is currently studying “the British conspiracy theory movement,” which she says has “evolved and intensified” since the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. Spring identified “alternative media” as the source of so-called conspiracy theories.

“I look at the way alternative media is funded, I look at its impact on local communities, I look at its connections to far-right figures and also its connections abroad,” she said.

“Could January 6, or the attempted German coup we saw there, ever happen in Britain?” Spring questioned.

The BBC, which has been restructuring to cut costs amid government threats to scrap controversial broadcasting fees from the public, may be trying to buck Westminster politicians who have repeatedly expressed a desire to monitor the spread of “disinformation”. , to demonstrate their worth the Internet.

A separate study from the same year found that just 44% of Britons trusted BBC journalists to be truthful in their reporting, compared to 48% who didn’t trust the news department.

Apparently left-wing media disinformation is OK with Marianna!

The idea that the January 6 protests were some kind of coup is in itself disinformation.

But if Marianna wants to engage in real disinformation, maybe she should start with this:

Like this:

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