Aussie Vitality Execs Urge a Coal Backup “Security Web” to Ease the Web Zero Transition – Watts Up With That?

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“… the pace of the renewables coming forward is too slow, relative to the ambitions articulated for the nation …”

Coal back-up needed: Energy CEOs warn transition falling behind

Angela Macdonald-SmithSenior resources writer
Feb 25, 2024 – 8.00pm

Leading energy chief executives argue a coal safety net to smooth the exit away from fossil fuel generation will keep the supply of power reliable and affordable, as 2030 climate targets are frustrated by the insufficient pace of new sources of renewables and transmission.

He said that in almost every aspect – whether social licence, the rising cost of capital and the need to attract skilled people to deliver the build-out – the situation had gone backwards in the last 18 months.

Mr Collette has been at the forefront of industry calls to consider a coal power generation reserve scheme, to have coal power plants generate during extended periods of low wind and solar output before they are completely turned off.

“That doesn’t mean the output has to be as high as coal-fired generators have been in the past, but it does mean that we see a transitional role and don’t just turn off and just expect that you can solve all weather conditions without the tools.”

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Please understand folks, these aren’t long term coal plants which are being proposed, they are temporary coal plants, which will be switched off just as soon as the battery backup is ready.

Any minute now.

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