7 fast-growing scaleups with unicorn potential — meet them at TNW 2024

While there are many innovative companies heading to TNW Conference 2024 this year, we’ve created a short list of 7 of the hottest scaleups to check out. Though they cover a range of different industries, they all have one thing in common: unicorn potential.

Through our Shining Stars competition, expert judges analysed and assessed each nominee to see which of the bunch is on track to becoming the next revolutionary unicorn, achieving rapid growth, and making a sustainable impact in their sector.

From growth monster to disruptive innovator, here are our picks:

A ‘vision’ for the future

Three companies stood out for their ability to bring cutting-edge technology to the masses.

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Vision Platform AI is making computer vision accessible by providing a no-code platform to create custom projects, without the need for technical skills. This technology can help revolutionise processes across a wide array industries and applications.

For example, the food and beverage industry can leverage it to speed up quality control and inspection, packaging verification, process optimization, inventory management, and food safety compliance. Meanwhile, the construction industry can deploy computer vision to enhance safety and ensure compliance on large construction sites.

While VR and AR technology have been around for a while, they have yet to become mainstream. Two companies on the list are changing that by bringing enhanced tech and user-friendly platforms, at a lower cost.

Tekle Holographics’ system creates fully immersive 3D visuals for a wide range of applications, from construction to the medical field to consumer gaming. What’s really game-changing about their approach is that other systems take up to 72 hours to process and convert images, while Tekle Holographics takes just 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, Fectar’s platform provides an easy-to-use VR & AR creation studio for individuals and small businesses. Newbies can start by using their 3D templates (no coding skills required), while the more advanced users can create animated interactive 3D environments.

Building a sustainable future

While our technology is bringing exciting new possibilities to our professional and personal lives, we can’t ignore the fact that our machines’ hunger for computing power is also heating up.

Deep Green, a data centre company on a mission to repurpose heat capture for good, introduced an innovative new idea. By teaming up with public pools they can both keep their data centres cool and provide free heating. The company aims to contribute free heat to 1500 public swimming pools in the UK in five years, with 300MW of networked, decentralised edge data centres. This will both save millions in energy bills and help maintain public access to community services.

The explosion of the space tech industry in recent years has helped to reinvigorate dreams of space exploration by increasing competition and innovation. Now national space agencies are seeking out commercial partners to help them find new solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable.

ReOrbit’s software-first approach to designing satellites is disrupting the space industry. The company develops microsatellite platforms that are reusable, scalable, and modular with the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of weight scales, enabling space organisations to conduct their satellite launch missions at a lower cost. Most importantly, the reusability and flexibility in design allow for longer-term use making it a more sustainable option compared to one-use systems.

Paving the way for future unicorns

At TNW, we love ideas aimed at bolstering the growth and health of the overall tech community.

Last year’s economic crunch made it a dismal year for many startups looking to raise funds. Not to mention the fact that fundraising takes time and effort away from busy founders, without the guarantee of success.

Uncapped is helping disrupt the system by offering founders alternative routes to finance the growth of their business, without having to give away ownership. The company provides no-security and no-equity investments from $100k – $10 million that can be issued in less time, and with a flexible payment system. This allows entrepreneurs in a bind to quickly access capital without the need for personal guarantees, credit checks, warrants, or equity.

Procurement is another cumbersome process that takes time and resources away from employees who often need to spend hours filling out purchase orders and learning how to use complicated management systems.

Pivot seeks to provide a solution to this ever-clunky process. As opposed to the lengthy integration required by market dominators Oracle NetSuite and Coupa, the platform integrates into existing financial stacks and can be used without the need for coding or training. Employees can then adjust the system to their needs, for instance by creating a purchase order workflow.

If you want to learn more about our Shining Star scaleups, meet them in person at TNW Conference 2024!

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